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Go Big or Go Home – Epson 11880

Printer in its shipping box outside the studio - it is bigger than my car!

Printer in its shipping box outside the studio – it is bigger than my car!

Printer inside the studio
Printer inside the studio

Nothing makes an impact like a large print. There has  been a pent up demand to print big, I mean really BIG, and now the capability is back again. In the past we used Epson 9500 that could print up to 44″ wide with great success. As time passed circumstances made it so that I had to part with my beloved 9500, and there was an empty void for a while. Well, not anymore! We are home to an Epson 11880, biggest and baddest Epson aqueous printer.

Inside the studio, printer looks equally big and impressive, and is built for high use. Lots of metal and it feels like a  precision instrument. I already have several orders for large prints, with more to come soon. And this bad boy delivers!

I can handle prints up to 64″ wide, so now you know where to go for those large prints!


BYOP – Bring Your Own Paper printing services!

We had many customers request prints made on their paper, and we are more than glad to try! However, there are extra steps (and costs) involved, but if you want to use that special paper you have, read on!

To print successfully on a new type of paper we need to make a custom profile for it. That does take time and manpower and normally costs at least $40, but if you are making 3 or more prints, we will waive the fee. For example, 3 prints on “Oh So Wonderful Fine Art Rag Paper” at 8×10″ would cost you $100, but by waiving $40 profiling fee they are only $20 each. So by supplying your own paper you are saving money on a custom profile and getting to use the paper you want. Also, having your own paper reduces the wait for the papers not in stock. So if you are in a hurry, it is a good way to go!

Printing Epson Exhibition Fiber sheets on Epson Stylus 4900

I had a job where customer chose Epson Exhibition Fiber paper. I used both 17×22″ and 8.5×11″ sheets.

I do like the look of this paper. I have printed both B&W and color images, and the biggest issue I ran in were head strikes on paper. Sometimes the heads would catch the edge of paper and turn the print a little to skew the image. Not acceptable!

Head strikes with auto setting

Head strikes on paper with “auto” setting

Solution was to manually change the platen gap settings in advance media controls to “wide”. That completely eliminated the problem.

Hope that helps to you too!