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Going 10 bit

Coming from Amiga HAM 4096 colors 8 bit color with 16 million colors seemed like all I needed.

I was wrong. There is no end to perfection.

Enter NEC PA241 monitor. It can display billions of colors for those extra smooth gradients. There is the catch – you also need a gfx card that supports 10 bit, my choice is nvidia Quadro FX 4800.

After years of stagnation I feel fresh again!


What I would like to see from Apple

All these years I have been trying to justify owning an iPad.

Sure, they are cool, but I could do most of thingsĀ  on my iPhone.

I thought I could use an iPad when iPhoto came out as my mobile processing station, but, alas, iPhoto for iPad just did not have enough functionality to replace my laptop with Aperture. And iOS 7 still does not have color management built in, so editing photos on unmanaged device is like playing catch in the dark – you might get lucky once in a while, but there will be no consistency.

So this is what I would like to see: a color managed iOS device that would be supported by X-Rite colorimetersĀ  (via USB), mobile Aperture, SD card slot for accessing raw files to be edited.

If iPad can not do it, I would wish for – a 11-12″ retina Macbook Air. But seriously, I need a productivity tool, not a gaming platform. For games I still prefer dedicated game pads and high quality games of Nintendo 3DS.

So there, I am still waiting for that killer photo app for iPad. C’mon Apple, you can do it, and free us from looming Adobe Opressive Cloud.

iPhone 5s

Again, Apple surprised everyone with a new A7 64 bit processor equipped iPhone 5s.
I currently use iPhone 4s, which I think is a great travel and business companion.
I looked at new 5s and it is faster, but my 4s is fast enough. 5s has better camera, but for serious images I use my Canon 1ds. 64 bit? But there are no killer app to use it. Fingerprint sensor is nice, and so is LTE if you are going to pay for it (I don’t). So overall it is just more of the same.
I’ll buy new phone when it DOES something new and useful. Until then!


Canon Professional Services (CPS) experience in Hollywood

Once you start noticing dust spots in your images, it is time to get your sensor cleaned.

You can try doing it yourself with a big illuminated loupe andĀ SensorKlear pen or SpeckGrabber Pro Kit yourself, but at some point you get these persistent dust specs that just refuse to go away. What then?

Being CPS (Canon Professional Services) Gold level member I am entitled to 2 free camera checks and cleanings a year. Before the closest location to drop off the camera was in Irvine, but now there is an option in Hollywood. That’s 15 miles away instead of 40! Yay!

Yesterday I made an appointment over the phone (1-877-277-8122) and today I dropped off the camera at 6060 Sunset Blvd. in Hollywood. The whole check in process took less than 15 minutes! Camera will be shipped back to me in 3 business days, so no need to drive to Hollywood (or Irvine). Worth $100 a year membership? Heck yeah! The only bad thing is that there is no reserved parking, but I just fed the meter in front of the building and that’s that.

If you are not CPS Gold or Platinum level member, then you are out of luck with Hollywood location. Irvine is your closest choice, or you can give your camera to enterprising dealers like Samys.