Monthly Archives: September 2013

iPhone 5s

Again, Apple surprised everyone with a new A7 64 bit processor equipped iPhone 5s.
I currently use iPhone 4s, which I think is a great travel and business companion.
I looked at new 5s and it is faster, but my 4s is fast enough. 5s has better camera, but for serious images I use my Canon 1ds. 64 bit? But there are no killer app to use it. Fingerprint sensor is nice, and so is LTE if you are going to pay for it (I don’t). So overall it is just more of the same.
I’ll buy new phone when it DOES something new and useful. Until then!


What can iPad do for me?

At the moment, not much.

Every time I handle one, I marvel at design – smooth lines, familiar OS and beautiful screen. The problem lies in its application – iPad is excellent for browsing the web, reading books or watching movies but doesn’t have any kind of screen color profiling, and image processing apps are amateurish.

That leaves me confused no, not really – my iPhone is device I take with me that does 95% of things iPad does but is more portable; for reading I have a Kindle e-ink reader, and for image processing I use Aperture and Photoshop on my MacBook Air. iPad just doesn’t fit into my the scheme of things.

What would make me buy an iPad? New apps that would replace my MacBook Air, but there is just not enough power in iPad to do heavy lifting of RAW files at the moment. Maybe I wanted to play Candy Crush Saga, which I am not into, or watch movies on the road with a bigger screen. It needs to be able to reduce my gear I carry, plain an simple. Right now it just does not.

Jack of all trades, master of none

Many people are good at many things, but are not great at anything. That concept carries over to businesses where there is a lot of “good enough”. Usually those businesses fail as there is nothing that sets them apart from the rest. After someone comes out with superior service we wonder why we even bothered with previous one.
My focus is on inkjet printing. Of course “printing” is a wide discipline encompassing understanding of media, inks and color management. At the end we have a beautiful print as the result.
Photographers job is to capture the moment and achieve the look they are after. The rest is up to me – the printer.
By doing something exceptionally good I want to rise above mediocracy.