Profiling Services

Our award winning prints have a lot to do with custom profiles we make for all the papers we print. You can also have custom profile that could make your home printer be at its best!

We do profiles justice by letting the printed chart de-gas for at least 24h before reading them in;  we use Gretag Spectroscan to do spot reading of each patch. We generate profile using Gretag Profile Maker for most natural colors. I enable compensation for Optical Brighteners when possible. I usually use D65 (6500K) as my illuminant, please specify if you will be displaying your prints under different lighting conditions. Each profile then is visually inspected using Granger Chart, skin tone image from Getty and gray scale ramps.

  • Our most comprehensive service is an on site consultation and profiling. That includes monitor profiling and making 2 custom profiles for your favorite papers. Not sure which monitor to get? I use NEC PA241W and I think it is great. I heard good things about Eizo Coloredge monitors too, but have not used them myself. For that perfect match from screen to print* up to 2 hour session for $350.
  • Just paper profiles. We supply you with a chart that you print out on your printer, then we measure the chart and email you the profile. There are several levels of quality for profiles.  Basic: Basic-1302.tif (28 downloads) 1333 patch profile for $40 (8.5″x11″ sheet), Basic+ BasicPlus-1666.tif (26 downloads) 1666 patch profile (11″x17″ or larger) for $50, 3332 HiDef for $100 (2 Sheets of 11″x17″ or larger), and  Super HiDef 4998 patch profile for $150. From my observations 1666 patch profile is more than adequate for normal use, but if utmost quality is desired, higher patch targets produce even larger, but not necessary more accurate profiles. It is all in the eye of beholder, so  run some tests to compare higher patch targets. Multiple profiles of the same paper are available for different illuminants for additional $25 each. Printing utility to print out chart without color management is available here from Adobe.
  • Just monitor setup – we profile your monitor to exact specifications. I have my monitor set to D65, gamma 2.2 and brightness of 140, that’s what I suggest to you too. I use i1 profiling solution from X-Rite. $175

*Monitors and printed media can not look the same due to technical limitations. Contrast range, white balance and illuminant temperature will determine the final look. However, with profiling and soft proofing it is possible to get close to how image looks on the screen compared to the paper.