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Geeking out with Windows

I have been  a strong believer that the best operating system is the one that has applications you want to use. That was true in Commodore Amiga days in the 90s, and is still true today.

Sometimes there is an application available for Windows that is just not available for the Mac, what to do then?

I have been a strong emulation/visualization supporter since the days of Amiga Transformer to run GWbasic compiler for my programming class, then I used ShapeShifter to emulate Mac on my Amiga 3000. Later I got a Mac and used Virtual PC.

Fast forward to now. What is a shame now days that there is hardware that is no longer supported by current operating systems, yet the hardware is still quite competent, like my Epson 9500 printer. As the last Mac OS to support it was Tiger (10.4) and Windows XP, I been running a virtual machine using XP for years to print on it. I have used VMWare Fusion, Virtual Box and Parallels, lately have been using Parallels 7. It works well. However, until today there has not been Firewire support for emulated devices like my Minolta¬† Multi Pro scanner. I can no longer run the original software on my Mac (although it does work with VueScan9). Today I saw Parallels 9 being announced and it claims to support external FireWire and Thunderbolt devices, which none of the previous emulation software has. I have high hopes that my scanner could be used again using Minolta software under Windows XP. Wouldn’t that be grand!